May 18-19  2019 Las Vegas  
You're About to Find Out Why Our Students Call This:
"The Ultimate Ecommerce MasterMind"
• More Profits!
• Less Confusion!
• Walk Away With a
  Solid Plan to Follow!
You'll Walk Away with A Step-By-Step "Hold-You-By-The-Hand" Blueprint 
To Start, Build, Grow And SCALE Your Ecommerce Business ....Guaranteed.
It's What I Call.....
"The Easiest Online Home-Based Business on the Planet!"
Hi, my name is Lawrence Loik,
& unlike most "Experts" that have sprouted up within the last 2 years, I've been selling on Ecommerce since 1999!

At this event, We'll share with you the latest,
most advanced strategies that actually WORK. 

I don’t care what Ecommerce Marketing skills 
that you have or don’t have, you'll Learn a Ton of Stuff! 

 "We care about YOUR MASSIVE SUCCESS.!”
Larry Loik, CEO, Complete Marketing Systems
Think about this for a Minute…
Everyone has "Groups" in life!
• Our Family
• Our Association at Work
• The members of ours or our kid Sports Teams
• Members of Hobby Group
• Our Longtime friends
• Our Acquaintances
• Our General Business Contacts
But… Us Entrepreneurs Lead
Lonely Lives (For The Most Part)
We really don't have a lot of shoulders that we can lean on!

In other words, we don't have many friends that can relate to us,
that we can bounce ideas off of and...

... the friends (and family) we do have look at us like we have an extra arm growing out of our head when we start talking about things like Ecommerce.
Am I right?
Most friends don't understand us... do they?

Even if you have sharp business friends, they're most likely in a completely different niche and they can't help you in YOUR ECOMMERCE BUSINESS.

That's why we created what I call the Ultimate Ecommerce Mastermind!
What A Mastermind actually is…
Mastermind Groups have been around since the beginning of time.
Even Benjamin Franklin belonged to such a group,
which he called a Junto. 

But it was Napoleon Hill who explained it clearly and encouraged people to gather together in a structured, repeatable environment for the success of all, and he described the mastermind group as:

“The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony. No two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind [the master mind].”
A Mastermind is a Group of
like-minded People who: 
• Brainstorm  
• Share ideas 
• Discuss techniques 
• Develop strategies
• Give tips
Enjoy Networking With Each Other AND Refer Business Contacts (Centers Of Influence) To Other Members.
What this means for you is this...

You'll FINALLY have a group of friends who you can bounce off ideas and get honest feedback to help you go in the right direction instead of wasting time trying ideas that don't work.

When you leave, You'll know that we're still with You! 
You'll be able to bounce questions off the group after you're back home.
Look... I've been part of many masterminds over the years, some great others not so great.

What I have learned is this...
A Great Mastermind provides you with 'Shortcuts' and it's like getting a Fast-Pass to the front of the line at Disney World ahead of everyone else waiting forever in line.
That's how it works.
YOU WILL never feel like you're in this alone ever again! 

We are Entrepreneurs, Business People, Fun Lovers and… We Have Your Back
You can confide in the Group & know that there is always someone to answer your questions. 
Who is This For (and How Does it Benefit Me)?
First, it really doesn’t matter what skills you do or don’t have, or what you know or don’t know.
All that we need to know is if you are teachable, and have the desire to learn...

... So don’t worry about whether this is right for you because
1) if you want it bad Enough... it is
 2) We have you covered (and we’ll tell you about that in just a few minutes).
this is for YOU if…
YOU Are an Action Taker!

This is for those who do more than they talk. 

Winners who have a great positive attitude. 

Entrepreneurs who love to learn. 

People who act on ideas quickly and are not afraid to take action. 

This is for all levels of Experience in Ecommerce, meaning... 

If you’re just starting out but have a great Attitude & a Strong work Ethic… this is for YOU! 

If You are an Intermediate or Pro & have an Online Ecommerce Business that you wish was making you more money, then this is for you. 
IMPORTANT: This is NOT for the Whiners, Moaners, Groaners, and Complainers... the Negative people... the do nothing talk a lot and time wasters. If you like to feel Entitled, then this is not for You. 
some of what you will learn...
  •   What Software to use (and which software to avoid)
  •   How to Build an Ecommerce Team of Listers, Researchers, Customer Assistants & more 
  •   What Reliable Suppliers to use?
  •   What is the absolute Hottest Niche Right Now? 
  •   How to get the Lowest Prices on Products? 
  •   How to Sell outside of You Country 
  •   How to Build A Sales Funnel 
  •   How to get an Ongoing Stream of Income through Continuity 
  •   How to Build a Buyers Club 
  •   How (and WHY) to Form an Association 
  •   Facebook Marketing Done by your Team 
  •   Which Platform (website) is best 
  •   What do the Millionaire Sellers do 
  •   How to grow your Ecommerce Business Fast in Weeks (Not Yrs)
  •   Which Repricers are the best 
  •   What Turbo Listers to use 
  •   FBA (fulfillment by Amazon) Secrets of Top Sellers 
  •   When should you Private Label Your products 
  •   Selling on Alternative Sites like Groupon & more 
  •   Can you Still make a Fortune on eBay 
  •   Access to Credit at 0% to Fund your Ecomm Business Growth 
  •   What Shipping co to use for Best Rates & Reliability 
  •   How to automate your whole Business
*Because this is a Mastermind (and not a formal workshop) the actual content will be driven by the dynamics of our mastermind, instead of a formal curriculum.
And remember, in this “full-immersion-style” mastermind you’ll be handed everything 
(and I do mean everything) you need to start, build, grow and scale your Ecommerce store including:
  •    How to choose the hottest selling products
  • "What do I sell" is probably our #1 question. Funny things is the hottest selling products are typically not what you would suspect. We'll show you how to pick products that sell almost like magic!

  •    How to get the most targeted traffic to your store
  • All traffic is not created equal. If you have tried to sell online, and haven't been able to make it work before, there is probably something amiss in your traffic. We'll show you how to fix it!

  •       How to sell for higher prices than your competition
  • Competing for "who has the lowest price" is a race to the bottom - but, there are specific things you can do to not only 1) OUTSELL your competition... and 2) at a much higher price! We'll show you how! 

  •  And so much more!
Look At What Our Clients have to Say...
The best things we can say about our
we don’t even say ourselves…
And this is just a handful of our incredible testimonials!

We’re confident when you attend the workshop and APPLY the strategies you can enjoy the same success as our past students, all normal folks just like me and you.
What is Included With the 2-Day
Ultimate Ecommerce Mastermind?
ALL our events are at High-End Resorts - and this one is no different!
At a Private Penthouse
5 Star World Class Resort
Las Vegas NV USA

2 Full Days Classroom-Style Mastermind Experience
VIP Welcome Party
Friday May 17 2019
Sat May 18 -  Sun May 19, 2019
Fun Night
Sat May 18 2019
Look at all The Bonuses that You Get!
What we talk about in the mastermind, stays there - you're in a safe and secure environment.

You will be required to sign a Non-Disclosure agreement to not share any of the secrets & insider connections you’ll get at the event.
Bonus: All snacks all day.

We're talking HEALTHY snacks. Energizing snacks. Snacks that give you energy and keep you FOCUSED. 
Bonus: All drinks all day.

We encourage you to drink mostly WATER and keep yourself hydrated. But, if you insist, we'll even cover sodas & booze (if you feel inclined).
This Is A “Bring-Your-Laptop” Event
Not A Sit Back & Take Notes Event.
Top-Notch Trainers & Ecommerce
Experts Who “Walk the Walk”

First and foremost, even the best content is no good without some stellar trainers. I’m talking people who do this for a living and who you probably know – their reputation precedes them by a long way. 

I invited them to teach their very best strategies and techniques at my very special mastermind, for two reasons:

Reason #1. Because you’ll get a huge benefit from learning some additional ways of doing things, and

Reason #2. Because I wanted this to be the most COMPLETE, thorough training that you could get anywhere in the world, at any price.

NO ONE can touch the brain-trust that’s in store for you!
Admission Into Our Private
and Exclusive Facebook Ecommerce Group

Have you ever been to a workshop, seminar or conference – learned some great stuff while you’re there – and then after you get home you’re “on your own”?

Well, that will NEVER happen with our Ultimate Ecommerce Mastermind! You get free admission into our private Ecommerce group including:

•  Near-instant feedback and answers from your peer student group and our trainers

•  1-on-1 assistance as needed (limited, understandably we can’t be online 24x7x365 or the phone every day)

•  Lifetime access where we’ll continue adding valuable content regularly (as long as you are in good standing)

Our goal is YOUR success!
Our Proven "Full Immersion"
Mastermind Formula

Like I said earlier...

I've been part of many masterminds over the years, some great others not so great.

What I figured out is that the other "not so great" masterminds had one critical flaw, and missing this ONE piece made everything else simply not work...

Here's how our Mastermind works:

•  We'll start with an Intro and get to know each other

•  My team and I will share with you "Whats Working Now" for our business and our clients. (We have had attendees have such HUGE breakthroughs from this section that they left to go to their room and we didn't see them again until hours later when they came back to show us what they were working on!)

•  We will pull back the curtain on projects we are currently working on, showing you what is and what's not working.

•  EVERYBODY gets time to share with the group what you're working on, what's working, what's not working, and specifically what you need help with. (Even if it's just getting started - this can make the difference between weeks to months of frustration, and leaving after only 2 days KNOWING exactly what to do next!)

          We'll combine our 2-Day "Brain-Trust" and dive into the strengths,
          weaknesses, and help you FIX what's broken for every single
          attendee (within time limits of course).

•  Finally, we'll share our favorite vendors and tools, so you will know what to avoid so you don't waste your time or money!

Our goal is YOUR success!
On Top of That you also get...
  •  Access to my Complete Rolodex, INCLUDING:
  •  All our Vendors that we use, 
  •  All of our software companies, 
  •  All of our Suppliers,
  •  Our Private Label Companies,
  •  Our Printers, Our Manufacturers, 
  •  Our Outsourcing Company, 
  •  Our Business Professional Team, 
  •  Our Legal team, 
  •  Our Accounting team, 
  •  Our International Contacts in Various Countries,
  •  Video Editors, 
  •  Graphic Designers, 
  •  Funnel Builders, 
  •  Social Media Team,  
  •  Promo codes & Discounts to All the Goodies
  •  And, All the Conferences we Recommend you attend!
Plus, Who says you can't work hard
& Play Hard at the same time?
At the end of each day, we celebrate all of our Successes Together!
Bonus: Friday Night VIP Welcome Party

You’ll have a chance to mix n mingle, network, have fun & take photos at a Secret location by Invitation Only!
 World Class Guest Speakers!
Bonus: Some of our Secret Weapons Shared 

 We'll have some our Secret Partners who will share their tools & Resources to improve your Ecommerce Business, Your Health and Productivity. MAGIC happens around the Executive table - you don't want to miss it!
Bonus: Saturday Night Out

In the Evening we have a Surprise for you which will be one of...tour the city, enjoy a concert, show or event.
It's Included for Existing Coaching Clients,
optional for other attendees & Guests.
At how powerful our 2-Day Ultimate Ecommerce Mastermind really is!
  •   You’ll be changed forever… 
  •   You won’t be able to sleep!
  •   You'll have steam coming out of your ears with so many ideas!
  •   You’ll feel like a kid with eyes wide open on Christmas Eve!
No Matter What Level You're Playing At, This WILL Help You Learn and GROW!
OK, so How Much is The 2-Day
Ultimate Ecommerce Mastermind?...
FREE for You
Since You're a Complete Ecommerce Coaching Client
Your seat at the 2-Day Ultimate Ecommerce Mastermind has a Value of  $1498.00. 
But You get it FREE Since you're one of our High End Coaching Clients.

If you want to Bring a guest, you'll be able to add them for a small Discounted Price.

The bad news is...
Not Everyone Will Be Able To Attend... 
(Strictly Limited To a Max of 25 Attendees)
Heck, truthfully 10-15 students is ideal... but we’ll allow up to 25. That’s it. 

(And remember many of these seats are always reserved for existing VIP students.)

We apologize in advance...
that not everyone who wants to attend this live training will be accepted. 

We expect all seats to be Filled Quickly!

Reserve Your Seat Right Now. 
 It will sell out fast. 
If you are put on a waiting list, don’t despair...
If you RSVP too Late...
There is still a chance you can come, but Don't Chance it!
This Invitation Is
Really All About: Time & Money 
Simply put, this invitation is all about time & Money:
1) The time you can save. Or, the time you can waste.
2) The money you can make. Or, the money you can burn.

Think about it. 

Without the help of someone who has been where you want to go you're going to waste years of your time, doing things the hard way - struggling to discover what works. 

You can put yourself through 5 years of blood, 
sweat and tears and proudly wear the scars to prove it. 

Here's the thing...

Only Fool's try & Go it Alone & take Years, Alot of Money & Stress to Succeed.

The Easiest, Quickest 
& Least Stressful to Success?...

Learn from People who have already Succeeded at What You Want to do. 

Learn Their Systems, Tactics & Strategies

Grow Your Circle of Influence by Hanging Out & Having Fun with other Serious Players Who Have the Experience... 

Why Do Most People Never TAKE ACTION?
You wouldn't believe how much money I burned through trying to figure this Marketing business thing out. I'm talking tens of thousands my first year alone, and that was way back in 1999!

From books, to courses, to seminars, software, and even "businesses-in-a-box"...

I spent $100's of thousands of dollars to receive a world-class education in what does and doesn't work, so you don't have to walk through that minefield!

The Truth is this...
You WILL Pay for Anything in Life.
You'll Pay with Your Time & You'll Pay Trying to Learn through Trial & Error.

And believe me... 

I'm not complaining, because it's been one amazing learning experience - and some of the things I tried worked really well - so that part is more of an investment.
But, I wish when we started out, there was a way to get the whole enchilada in one place 
(instead of the piece-meal approach we were forced to take).
If I only knew then what I know now…
I want you to think about how many times you have said those words in the past.
Really, think about it. And picture it clearly in your mind.  
The whole scene. 

The people who were there. Maybe there was music playing in the background…

Or maybe children laughing. Or crying.

Maybe it was about a relationship. Or an investment. Or an opportunity. Something that if you could go back in time you would definitely make a different choice. Knowing then what you know now.


... it was just a little decision to go this way
(or that way) that made all the difference.

Now that you have that picture vividly in your mind, 
I want you to remember 
- Remember when you have said…If I only knew then what I know now…

What would you have changed? 
Do you have regrets for not taking action? 

Hold onto this thought, because we'll get back to it in just a few minutes.
For now let's talk about something else.  

Something you can DO NOW and not Regret in 5 years.
So what are we REALLY offering you?
A way to avoid wasted years of muddling around trying to figure this whole Ecommerce business thing out, and… 

A way to save thousands upon thousands of dollars by giving you a complete turn-key blueprint, whose engine will turn over the minute you flip the ignition switch.
Like I said, it's all about time and money. 

Please don't forget that.
the bottom line is this...
The "Ultimate Ecommerce Mastermind" is FREE TO YOU sonce you're one of our High-End Coaching Clients.

This is the most complete Ecommerce SYSTEM we've ever offered… 

However you want to look at it, our proven, guaranteed, life-changing SYSTEM is
"The Bargain of the Century" (since you get it Free)
The Decision is Yours....

Whatever it is, once those 25 spots are gone, they're gone!

Remember that picture of when you last said, "If I only knew then, what I know now"? And those feelings of regret for not taking action?

Don't let this be another Regret for NOT taking action!
We'd love to share this with everyone...
We'd love to share this with everyone
but we can only share our time with people like you who are ready to Take Action Right Now!

And I hate to repeat myself, 
but I am going to one more time...  

This is ONLY for those that are serious about their success, 
are willing to follow a proven blueprint to achieve their desired success, 
and are willing to work (just a little) at living their dream life. 

If you're not serious, if you're skeptical or if you want to "think" about it, then please move over and let someone else who wants it have their shot. 

If you're a tire-kicker who has no intention of really giving this a chance, 
please do not waste the spot. 

I don't mean to sound harsh, but it's true.

However, if you are interested and pumped up by the excitement knowing you can put this 
time-proven and profit-certain SYSTEM 
to use creating your own wildly successful home business selling Ecommerce products to highly targeted niche markets, then you need to Grab Your Spot Right Now.

I don't want to put ANY pressure on you but you will miss out if you're not one of the first 25 people to enroll. 

This is truly a "first -come - first - served deal"

So, once they're gone…they're gone!
IMPORTANT: Waiting is NOT a good thing to do here… 

These 25 Seats Are ALREADY Going FAST!

Listen... right now this invitation is landing in the inboxes of over
43,317 people!

So, there's no pressure, but I know 43,316 other people are also reading this letter right now so you need to decide if this is right for you right now or the decision could be made for you! 

When the 25 seats are filled, this offer closes - that means only 1 in 1200 people who receive this message will be able to attend...

... and YOU want to be one of those lucky people!
Obviously, creating an auto-pilot Ecommerce SYSTEM is a heck of a lot work, and it can take an eternity and because of that fact, most people start and NEVER finish! 

We started
we finished, and 
now you can benefit from our hard work!

Seriously, are you really interested in spending the next 2 to 5 years of your life on a wild goose chase?
Our students will tell you over and over... when you have a step-by-step, hold-you-by-the-hand blueprint, this truly is "The Easiest Home-Based Business on the Planet!"

And, after you attend The Ultimate Mastermind Group, you'll agree, too!
Step 1: Fill out the Order Form
Step 2: Invest in Bringing a Partner.
Step 3: Book Your Hotel & Flight Now. Come Early Stay After.
Step 4: Get all Your Ecommerce "Stuff" together to Share
Step 5: Read the Emails we send you for the list of other items to Bring
YES! please reserve my seat for the Ultimate Ecommerce Sat May 18 to Sun May 19
(Plus The VIP Welcome Party Friday Evening May 17)

No-Hassle Money Back Guarantee
for Your Additional Paid Guest

One day 1 after the first Break, if you do not like what you see, turn in all your notes & get a No Questions asked Refund. If you like what you are experiencing, do nothing and you can attend the rest of the event for your purchase price. (Just like any other professional class at a college or university, after you have attended the training we simply cannot give refunds for live training.)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Do You Really Limit Seating?
In an effort to keep our masterminds as hands-on as possible we limit the seating to not more than 25 people  to assure everyone has the opportunity for one-on-one time with the instructors, to keep the pace flowing as planned and also so you get the most from our time together. Just register early to avoid disappointment.
Are Guests Allowed?
Guests are Allowed to Purchase an Additional ticket,  if they are a Business partner or Spouse Only. 
(No "friends", No Exceptions) $1498  Guest Price $998
Are Children Allowed?
Sorry No, this is Serious Business and Members must Contribute to the Group as well.  
Members must be at least 21 yrs of age. 
What is Your Refund Policy for Paid Guests?
One day 1 after the first Break, if you do not like what you see, turn in all your notes & get a No Questions asked Refund. If you like what you are experiencing, do nothing and you can attend the rest of the event for your purchase price. (Just like any other professional class at a college or university, after you have attended the training we simply cannot give refunds for live training.)
Is My Information/Niche/Etc Safe?
We respect your privacy, intellectual property and trade secrets 100%. All information shared in the Ultimate MasterMind Group is 100% Confidential 
and for Member use Only. Anyone found mis-using the information will be removed without refund. You will have to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement that You Understand that you Cannot Share Any Information with anyone Outside of the Group,  (Except a Business Partner or Employee) 
Is this Event Good for me? (I’m a Beginner... I'm a Pro)
This is an ADVANCED Event, Beginners will find that it will help them grow faster.  
Pros & Intermediate people will find short cuts & systems to leverage their existing businesses.
So bottom line, its great for everyone. Attitude & work ethic are the most import thing.
Do I Need Any Advanced Experience?
No you don’t. It helps if you do, buy we won’t leave you behind...
We Promise!
Do You Have Connections With Travel Discounts?
(Hotel, Airfare & Shows)
Sure do, Go Here for Discounted Rates
How Should I Get From The Airport To The Hotel?
Do Not take taxis, take Uber Go Here
What If I Have Another Question Not Answered Here?
Contact us at Support [at]
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